NAI Hiffman and NAI Partners announce joint venture to elevate leasing and management platform in Houston, Austin and San Antonio

NAI Hiffman and NAI Partners are pleased to announce they will be working together to bring a combined operations platform to the Houston, Austin and San Antonio markets in Texas. Operating as NAI Partners Investor Services, this strategic joint venture combines the strength of the proven brokerage and management platforms of both firms to bring comprehensive service to more institutional clients.

Houston-based NAI Partners provides clients solid brokerage experience and a reputation for getting results in the Central Texas market; Chicago-based NAI Hiffman operates one of the nation’s strongest property management platforms. Together, NAI Partners Investor Services is an evolution borne from the understanding that its institutional clients require and deserve the attention and market-specific support best administered by combining each company’s current platforms.

“As part of NAI Partners’ ongoing strategic plan to diversify business lines for our clientele; we are excited to be working with NAI Hiffman on this joint venture as both firms work to bring institutional clientele to the agency leasing and management services we provide in Houston, San Antonio, and Austin,” said Jon Silberman, Managing Partner of NAI Partners.  “We felt strongly that both firms’ shared core value of a high code of ethics as well as a historical standard of comprehensive client service consistently earning the trust of the client was vital to our participation.”

Dave Peterson, CEO of NAI Hiffman agrees, “Our clients are our most valuable asset and we are dedicated to consistently providing results that exceed their expectations. Many of our institutional clients in Chicago have assets in the Houston market; bringing our management platform those clients enjoy to the local experts at NAI Partners is a solution in response to our clients’ growing needs,” and added, “We look forward to working with NAI Partners to align with their services in the Texas market and we will continue to work hard and stay personally involved, satisfying the needs of the clients while ensuring that every job is done properly.”

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